Buy Smart Buy Plan And Ensure
The Resale Value Of Your Appliance

Buy Smart Buy Plan And Ensure
The Resale Value Of Your Appliance

    Smart Buy

    Today, technologies are getting obsolete quickly and product features are getting redundant so easily. Upgradation to new products has now become a necessity and not just an aspiration. The biggest stumbling block to upgrading is how and where to sell the fully functional not-so-old used appliances and gadgets. As the customer, you can often feel worried about getting the right customer, price, and more so trust.

    Digi2L’s Smart Buy Plan addresses this concern by keeping the resale price of the home appliance locked during its purchase. It’s a first-of-its kind plan in India that guarantees a fixed buyback price for your used home appliances, for up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

    Why Getting A
    Smart Buy Plan Is A Smart Decision!

    Appliances That Can Be Covered
    By Smart Buy Plan

    Buyback PeriodGuaranteed Assured Buyback Price
    6-12 MonthsGet 60% of Appliance Invoice Price
    13-24 MonthsGet 50% of Appliance Invoice Price
    25-36 MonthsGet 40% of Appliance Invoice Price
    37-48 MonthsGet 30% of Appliance Invoice Price
    49-60 MonthsGet 20% of Appliance Invoice Price

    How Does It Work?

    Buy A Digi2L Smart Plan For Your Appliance

    From the same retailer along with the purchase of your new appliance and get the resale amount fixed.

    Enjoy the appliance for up to 5 years

    Ask for your buyback amount at any time during this period and choose to avail the buyback.

    Quick QC And Pickup

    Quick and fast inspection to check if your appliance is fully functional.

    Relax While We Complete The Buyback Process

    The maximum time to pickup the appliance from your doorstep will be 5 days from the day you register your product for a resale.

    Payment Credit

    The assured buyback amount is transferred to your account within 7 days.

    Most Important Terms & Conditions

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