Should we repair or replace a washing machine if it is causing a lot of problems?

By Digi2L - February 14, 2023

Blogs> Should we repair or replace a washing machine if it is causing a lot of problems?

Should we repair or replace a washing machine if it is causing a lot of problems?


Washing machines typically last 10 to 13 years, initially operating smoothly but may develop minor issues over time. While repairing and reusing are common initially, persistent problems may prompt selling the washing machine for an upgrade to newer models with advanced features. Disposing or selling a used washing machine can be done through various avenues: Friends and Family: Offering the appliance to acquaintances seeking cost-effective solutions for refurbished or second-hand items. Local Resellers: Many local sellers buy second-hand appliances, though they may offer lower prices and deduct transportation costs. Online Apps: Various online platforms facilitate agreements on prices and pickup arrangements between sellers and buyers. Digi2L: India’s leading digital platform for selling old appliances, Digi2L, provides competitive prices, free doorstep pickup, and video quality checks, simplifying the selling process. Additionally, Digi2L offers buy-back plans for new appliances, ensuring a seamless upgrade process. Ultimately, if the old washing machine functions well without requiring significant repairs, there may be no immediate need to sell or replace it. However, if it becomes inefficient and consumes excessive power despite repairs, replacement becomes a practical solution.

What is the lifespan of a washing machine?

Washing machines often have a longer life duration, ranging from 10 to 13 years, and do not create many problems at an early stage. When the machine is new, it runs smoothly, but with time, it may have minor flaws or require maintenance. In the beginning, people tend to repair and reuse rather than replace. However, if the machine continues to cause problems and does not function effectively despite many repairs, the decision is made to sell washing machine and get a new one. With the advanced technology, there are many new and advanced appliances in the market possessing new features that are growing every day.


Best ways to dispose of used washing machine / where to sell old washing machine ?

Sometimes, even if the old appliances are in a good condition and are working properly one tends to upgrade to a new advanced version to explore the new technology and to have a good look and feel. In this case the question arises “where to sell old washing machine” or “Best place to sell used appliance online”. One starts to look online for a better price or choose some other easier option.

  • Friends and Family –  If anyone from the friends and family are looking to buy a refurbished or a second-hand appliance that they do not want to spend much money on the same they then they can give their old machine to them to use.
  • Local – There are many local sellers who buy second-hand appliances from people for a lesser price and then re-sell it. Usually, they manage the pickup but then deduct the transportation amount from the return price they are giving. If you are looking for a good return price the local resellers do not give you the price you are expecting and buy your product for a very cheap price.
  • Online Apps – There are many online apps that are blooming. Where the ones trying to sell and trying to buy connect with each people living near them and agree on a particular price. After the agreement
  • Digi2L – India’s first platform to sell old appliances digitally. Digi2L has a lot of positive customer reviews. Digi2L offers you a good price for your old appliance and also a video quality check of the product with free doorstep pickup. All this by just sitting at home. The website is very easy to access. If one is looking to buy a buy-back plan for their old appliance Digi2L makes it possible by giving you the exact return price when you wish to return the new appliance after using it for a particular period of time.


If the old appliance is still in good working order and does not require any repairs, there is no reason to sell or replace it until and unless one decides to upgrade. However, if the electronic home appliance continues to consume more power despite several repairs, it is best to replace it.

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