Discarding old appliances can be a bigger task than buying a new one


When selling old appliances, traditional options like local shops or personal networks may not offer the best prices or convenience. Digi2L provides a revolutionary solution, offering a video call quality check, fair pricing based on condition, free doorstep pickup, and instant payment from home. This digital platform streamlines the process with just a few clicks, accommodating various appliances. As India’s first digital platform for selling used appliances, Digi2L boasts satisfied customers who appreciate its efficiency. By eliminating traditional hassles, it offers a quick and easy way to sell appliances from anywhere. Old appliances often lead to recurrent repairs and internal damages, necessitating timely upgrades. Digi2L addresses this by allowing sellers to set their desired price and ensuring a hassle-free pickup process. With advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, Digi2L presents a competitive alternative to other platforms, providing a promising solution for selling old appliances in the digital age.

What are the options, when selling old appliance

When you want to sell your old appliance, the first thought would be who is going to buy it and at what price, you will not be able to decide or negotiate the perfect price for your product. One goes around looking at local shops to sell their products with sellers not wanting to bid a fair price for it.

Another option would be asking your near and dear ones if they want to buy it or if anyone they know would like to buy. This consumes a lot of time and looking for proper transportation to dispose of used appliances is another challenge.


Living the dream! Selling old appliances with just one click     


What if you get a video call quality check of your old appliance and giving you a best price according to the condition of your appliance also you get a free doorstep pickup and instant payment all this at the comfort of your home. Digi2L turns your dreams into reality, with all the above-mentioned features. It is the first digital platform which helps you sell a used television, old washing machine, AC and fridge with just a few clicks. The whole process hardly takes time.


You are just one click away 


Digi2L is India’s first digital platform to sell used appliances. It also has many happy customers who have experienced the service and look forward to future business and have also referred to their friends and family. You can sell used electronic appliances from anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about anything, as the process is easy and quick.


The same Old appliance story


Old appliances tend to give you new trouble every passing day. Sometimes the old appliances need repair every time and cause new internal damages with time. If you upgrade your appliance on time it helps you enjoy the benefits of new technology and at the same time get rid of unnecessary expenses. When looking for new washing machine or other electronic home appliances you get to choose the product of your choice and the price you wish to spend, but when you want to sell the old one there is a whole different story. Here is when Digi2L comes in action, you can choose at what price you want to sell your product and the best price will be given to you depending on the condition of the used appliance. You can ensure a hassle-free experience and can also vouch for a safe pickup.


Digi2L is a blooming platform and possesses advanced technology with an easy process of selling old appliances. It is definitely a great competition to the other websites and app’s providing similar services.

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Common Issues With AC Compressor

 An AC compressor is essential for cooling indoor air by circulating coolant through the system. Compressor issues, like strange noises or inefficient cooling, can lead to high energy bills and discomfort. If problems persist despite repairs, it’s advisable to replace the old AC, typically after 10 to 15 years of use.Common issues include refrigerant problems, such as leaks, reducing cooling capacity and causing uneven cooling. Oil leaks from the compressor are also common but can often be fixed with simple repairs like seal replacements. An overheated compressor may result from inadequate condenser cooling or airflow obstruction. Upgrading to newer appliances with smart technology offers benefits, while selling old appliances facing frequent repairs or damages is a practical choice. Numerous websites facilitate the sale of old air conditioners, providing an alternative to continued repair expenses or local disposal. Consulting an AC repair professional can determine whether replacement or repair is necessary.

What is an AC Compressor?

An air conditioner compressor is an essential part of cooling the air inside your home. It runs off of electricity and works to move coolant throughout the system, which then cools the interior of your home. The compressor is a heavy-duty motor that compresses the refrigerant and pumps it through the condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve. It is an important component in the AC system, as it helps circulate the coolant to all of the necessary places, ensuring that your home stays cool and comfortable.

Compressor Issues:

Compressor issues are one of the more serious AC problems and can result in high energy bills due to inefficient cooling. If your unit is making strange noises or running longer than usual, or the air coming out of the vents is too hot, these may be the signs of a compressor issue. If you suspect your compressor is failing, contact a certified technician to diagnose and repair the problem.


The lifespan of an AC compressor is 10 to 15 years. If the issue with your compressor arises at an early stage and does not resolve even after multiple repairs it’s time to replace and sell your old AC. because it is only costing you extra expenses.

Below can be the issues that might be causing the trouble:

  1. Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant plays a critical role in the operation of air conditioners, as it helps to dissipate heat from inside the home. When there is an issue with the refrigerant, it can cause myriad issues, ranging from reduced cooling capacity to uneven cooling. In addition, a refrigerant leak has the potential to cause permanent damage and necessitate costly repairs.

  1. Oil Leaks

It is common knowledge that air conditioning systems are prone to certain problems. One of these is oil leaks from the compressor, a common issue that can cause the system to malfunction. When this occurs, it is important to identify the source of the leak and address it immediately. In most cases, the problem can be fixed with a simple repair, such as replacing a seal or a gasket.

  1. Overheated Compressor

The compressor can overheat if:

a.)The condenser is not cooling properly

b.)If air cannot get into the system

c.)There is inadequate suction cooling

Advanced technology gives you an opportunity to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of newer appliances with smart tech. At the same time, it becomes difficult to sell your old appliance which is causing you so many repairs and infinite damages. There are many websites where you can sell your old air conditioner for a better price rather than spending on repairs or just disposing of it to the locals. So, you must check with the AC repair person if your AC needs a replacement or repair.

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Planning To Sell Old AC: 3 Common AC Issues

      Common AC issues, like refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, and electrical malfunctions, range from minor inconveniences to costly repairs, often requiring professional help. Recognizing signs of trouble is crucial for minimizing expenses, with replacing and selling the old AC sometimes proving more cost-effective. Extended cooling times and frosty ice on the evaporator coil signal a leak. Noisy operation and increased electricity bills suggest a worn-down system, prompting consideration of replacement. Neglecting coil cleaning leads to dust accumulation, potentially causing damage and compromising air quality. Regular cleaning maintains performance and indoor air quality. AC shutdowns or tripping circuit breakers may indicate issues like damaged wiring or faulty components, requiring prompt attention to prevent further damage. Common electrical malfunctions include unexpected shutdowns, damaged wiring, circuit board failures, and faulty capacitors. Regular use can lead to decreased performance despite repairs. Selling the old appliance on websites offering fair prices or replacing it ensures improved technology, smoother operation, lower electricity bills, and hassle-free living. Promptly addressing AC issues and considering replacement when necessary minimizes disruptions and maintains a comfortable indoor environment efficiently.

Air conditioners are essential for living comfortably during the hot summer months, but they can also be a source of frustration when they are not working correctly.

Common AC problems include refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, or electrical malfunctions. These issues range from minor inconveniences to major repair bills, often requiring professional attention. It is important to know the signs of an AC problem so that you can take action quickly and minimize expensive repairs or you should rather replace and sell your old AC  because it will only cost you more expenses.

Common AC Problems:

Refrigerant Leak: If your AC takes longer to cool than usual, you must check for any leakage. Some of the signs of a refrigerant leak can be observed on your outdoor air conditioning unit. If you see frosty ice crystals forming on the evaporator coil during hot weather, it’s time to call for service. Once your system is worn down you will also notice your AC starts getting noisy which also leads to excessive electricity bills this is the time you consider selling your old AC and buying a new one rather than spending a fortune on repairing the old

Dirty Coils: If you do not clean the AC coils on time, you might end up stuffing your AC with dirt. As the evaporator coil is located inside and is not visible on the outside, you do not notice how much dust has been collected on the inside. Thick layers of dirt and dust can lead to internal damage to the AC and also to the consumers breathing the filthy air. To keep your air conditioning system in a good condition it is necessary to clean the evaporator coils.

Electrical Malfunctions: If your AC keeps turning off or if AC is tripping the circuit breaker, you should check the port with other appliances if it is still causing the same issue. Damaged electrical wires, faulty circuit boards, and incorrect voltages can all cause damage to your AC.

Common Electrical Malfunctions in AC are:

  1. AC is turning off unexpectedly or is tripping the circuit breaker
  2. AC has faulty or damaged wiring
  3. AC circuit board failure
  4. Faulty AC capacitor


Regular use of any appliance reduces its performance further leading to repairs and problems. Even after multiple repairs, your system refuses to function smoothly you must consider selling it as there are many websites where you can sell your old appliance for a good price. Replacing old appliances has benefits such as upgraded technology, smooth functioning, adequate electricity bills, and hassle-free living.

Is Selling Old Appliances a Challenge?

    Effectively managing old appliances requires understanding their issues, adhering to upgrade timelines, and implementing strategic selling approaches. While traditional durability is recognized, the benefits of upgrading to newer, technologically advanced models are significant. Platforms like Digi2L streamline the selling process, ensuring convenience and maximizing returns. Ultimately, proactive appliance management ensures optimal functionality and efficiency in the modern household.

Why one must not keep old appliances for long? Also when is a good time to get rid of your old appliances? How can I benefit from selling my old appliance after a few years of usage?

Our ancestors had a saying “old is gold”. Let’s take the example of mud/clay pots, which could be used for a longer time and would be in a good usable condition even after years, but if we compare them with water purifiers they would not be in the same condition after some years of usage. Water purifiers would require cleansing or repair on a timely basis. As technology is advancing older models of products need to be replaced or repaired.
As we know, outdated electrical appliances lack behind on technology. Over time they start causing a lot of problems. The need to upgrade and sell your old appliance has become a necessity, as the new models are continuously modified for smooth working and to avoid any mishap.

Used home appliances like an old washing machine, old television, or your old refrigerator if sold after a particular time would help you get the most out of it. For example, if you bought a television for 35,000 and you upgrade to a new smart television within 3 years there are websites that give you the best price which can be up to 40% i.e. 14,000 but other online sites will give you a low bid. For the same product after 6 years period, the value of old appliances decreases with time, which can be as low as 2,500. So we can now say, old is better sold than storing it like gold.

What are the major issues old appliances cause?

Washing Machine: Once the washing machine is years older there are many issues or problems with the machine which arise. Some of these are water leakage, excessive vibration, drum-making noise, spin not working, the gearbox failing, and the washer being clogged. The life span of the washing machine is 5-7 years.

Television: Old televisions give out a lot of radiation and are better upgraded with smart new appliances on time. The major issues are, speaker noise starting to crack, video not matching audio, patches on the screen, vertical stroke horizontal lines on the screen, Pixel issues, Crack on the panel, and circuit board issues. You can upgrade your television within 3-5 years if you want to upgrade to newer models.

Refrigerator: There are higher chances of short circuit in refrigerators. Major issues which can also occur are temperature problems, blocked vents, control panel issues, compressor issues, noise issues, water leakage, and defrost issues. The lifespan can be up to 6-15 years.

Air- conditioner: Major problems in air-conditioners are temperature problems, control panel issues, compressor issues, noise issues, drainage issues, and sensor issues. Life span can be of 8-15 years.

Now the question is who buys old appliances? Where to sell old appliances? Which is the best website to sell old appliances?

There are many online platforms one of which is, Digi2L it is the best platform to sell old appliances and you get the best return price. It is India’s first platform that will help you sell old washing machines or sell old T.V. through video call at your convenience. It is the first digital platform for used appliance resellers. You need not go looking for a buyer or transport. Sell your old appliances hassle-free with just a few clicks. You get a free quality check done by experts and payment is made instantly after pickup.

How to Sell Old appliance Online? – The Evolving Saga of Re-commerce in India

 Re-commerce in India has evolved from informal local sales to organized platforms like DIGI2L, catering specifically to large appliances. DIGI2L offers hassle-free selling with thorough quality checks, doorstep pickup, and instant payment. With partnerships with major logistics firms and leading brands, it has gained traction among customers, providing an avenue to upgrade without the worry of reselling. Future plans include an advanced platform and expanded social media presence to enhance customer experience and reach.

Have you ever sold your old appliance digitally? Or Are you part of the 90’s trend to discard it in an unorganized fashion? Let’s check out how the fashion of reselling in India has transformed.

First, let us understand what Re-Commerce is.

Re-Commerce means the process of selling old appliances, previously owned, new, or used products through physical or online distribution channels to companies who are willing to repair, reuse, recycle or resell them afterward. Simply put, re-Commerce is the practice of reselling goods. Just think of your thrift stores, clothes boutiques, or pawn shops and you will get the picture. As these goods, need to be in good condition so that they can be presented and sold. Re-Commerce existed from the very beginning but in a very informal way, as people used to sell their old washing machines, sell old TV or sell old AC to local resellers. With the advent of time, there were many online platforms where one could buy or sell old appliances online, after which few customers would always send the products back. The reason for return- most of the products were not delivered in good or promised condition. This unorganized market and the mayhem around selling and buying old appliances forced customers to take easier options to go with the exchange plans with the brands or rely on a trusted and genuine platform.

Back in the ‘90s…

There was no organized sector present, until 2010 the resellers used to pick the product from the market and bring it back to the warehouses of various manufacturers and retailers, as the stocks were sold as stockpiles and not one by one. Later, the transport had to be organized for the stockpile. The buyers of these stockpiles would now search and sell to first-time buyers or people with budget constraints. This was how large appliance re-commerce happened in the ‘90s.

So what happened with the advent of organized retail like large format stores, e-commerce players, brand stores…

When the large format retail stores with modern trade functions like Vijay Sales came into the market, they had huge displays, and these display units needed to be sold. With the increase in the forward sales of these units, the market size of the re-commerce consumer base was also increasing. With the advent of the digital space and the digital revolution of the e-commerce Industry, brands like Flipkart and Amazon started to face an increase in the number of return cases. The return cases arose when the product that was delivered to the customer was damaged or not in an acceptable condition. When the customer opted for the return of the product, the brands started to acknowledge the need for an organized market to sort and resell these products.

In the year, 2008/2009/2010 the re-commerce and reverse logistics industries started to evolve and take an organized structure…

As per the latest stats, there are a lot of youngsters, couples, or families relocating every now and then. So, these people prefer buying a refurbished appliance for a lesser price than spending a hefty amount on the new one. The inclination and interest of people started to increase in the industry. It all started with mobile phones and devices and most people opted for the exchange of older devices. It later expanded to bigger appliances and so on. A lot of resellers and re-commerce players felt that this was the time the Indian economy was growing and there were aspirational buyers everywhere. This marked the pioneering moment when people thought of refurbishing, redesigning, or rebranding and then reselling the old appliances.

This marked the beginning of re-commerce websites that started to bloom. The customers now found an online place where they could directly sell their old appliances. But how is DIGI2L different…

DIGI2L is India’s first digital platform to sell used appliances. While other websites heavily dealt with mobile phones and other smaller gadgets, DIGI2L is specifically into large appliances. Considering the very huge market which is about 1.20cr units per annum. It is the first online platform with an organized market, where customer applies for selling their old appliance. After this, a thorough video quality check of their product is done to give fair pricing. This is followed by a doorstep pickup of the old appliance and instant payment at the time of pickup. DIGI2l makes the entire process of selling old appliances hassle-free, where the customer does not have to search for a buyer or worry about the transport of the old appliance. DIGI2L is customer-ready, price-ready, and payment ready.

Digi2l is India’s first organized re-commerce player in the large appliance category, which is functional across Pan India.

Today there are about 30,000 satisfied customers, who have organically drifted towards this platform looking at the ease and comfort that DIGI2L offers. DIGI2l offers customers the avenue to upgrade while not worrying about reselling their old appliances.

DIGI2L has tied up with giant logistics partners such as Mahindra, Bizlog, and Blue-dart to offer an effortless doorstep pickup experience. The logistic partners are trained to safely pickup the product and deliver it to the end vendors. DIGI2L is also running successful exchange programs with all the lead brands like Samsung, Bosch and Siemens, LG, and platforms like My Gate.


Digi2l’s Future endeavour…

DIGI2L aims to create effortless and convenient platform interphase for customers to sell their old appliances at the ease of their homes. The team is also working on a much-advanced version of the website for a customer to get an instant price quote by just entering their old appliance details. They are constantly working on expanding their social media platform reach and network to stay connected with their customers.

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